by Vita Bassa

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Brandon Barson- Vocals
Todd Thompson- Guitar/Vocals
Cody Mikesell- Drums
Eddie Gancos- Bass/Vocals


released March 4, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in February 2013 by Matt Lucy at Studio Twelve//Willoughby, Ohio. Thank you Tim Ratley for art.



all rights reserved


Vita Bassa Ohio

Four humans from Ohio playing heavy music.

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Track Name: Apparition
Ive let things go for some time now
you never gave up
when i broke you wish i hadn't
you are a lost person in this lost world
i want you to feel what i feel
ive got one thing holding me back
from destorying everything you've got
i wont look back
i wont think twice
i cant look back
i cant think twice
your nothing
and that is all you will ever be
Track Name: Beg
my eyes are red
ive been depriving myself
from any sleep
its not my fault
i never thought i could be so young
and so fucking angry
this is not what we pictured it to be
this is not what we wanted
this is not what we thought it would be
this is not what we wanted
I've felt these walls
since i met you
Ever barren, ever felt
I wont get passed this
as long as i walk
You were the gold i thought i needed
But i need nothing
Track Name: Walls
i begged for what i thought was right
you are a sucker for manipulating me
ive fought for things i thought were me
i couldnt live the way i had before
i cant adapt to what ive felt
i am lost in a sea of love that i
can no longer feel

how dare you not listen to reason
your words are splitting my head open
Ive bruised my own body for your sins
so you should listen to me
instead of that weak deity
you call god

I lost my faith a long time ago
Track Name: Hemlock
days go by
pretending like ive done this before
mind withheld from
accompanied by
lost images
a constant flood
this has never been so hard.
I've got things on my mind that i cant
get rid of
Track Name: Blind
breathing in breathing out
what you have given me made me feel
on top
but you ripped that away
before i even knew it
i cant compensate these feelings
you ruined me
i've wished for this for a long time
hoping, thinking, dreaming
on the rhythm between my mind and morality
i've gone though many moments with this
in my mind
it wouldn't leave
as much as i tried
my dreams became a reality